Steve Conover of Jamestown, Ky., was the top shooter in three categories of the World Wild Turkey Still Target Championship.


Conover won the 12 gauge Hunter Class,

12 gauge Open and the 20 gauge Open class.


Steve stunned the audience at the championship by putting 38 pellets in the 3 inch circle at 40 yards.


At an NWTF sanctioned shoot earlier in the year he put 40 pellets in the circle, which was just below the world record of 42 pellets. Steve says, "The Shooters Friend Recoil Pad from Riecken's Orthotic lab is absolutely the best recoil pad on the market. Nothing else I've tried works quite as well. I use it exclusively in both

hunting and competitive shooting. I used to dread the pounding of those magnum turkey loads, but since I've started using the Shooters Friend, I don't flinch when I pull the trigger."





“This pad claims to reduce recoil by 70% - I believe it!�?/p>


“This is the best recoil pad I have ever used. I tried it on

 three shotguns and two rifles. It takes the kick out of



“The Shooter’s Friend works very well. Easy on and off rifle or shotgun alike - reduced recoil well. I recommend this for N.A.H.C. members and young sportsmen.�?/p>


“I tested the Shooter’s Friend on a rifle and shotgun. It reduced felt recoil and protects butt of gun. This product is recommended.�?/p>


“Without a recoil pad, I experienced deep shoulder bruise while shooting my 30.06 180 grain bullets. However, this year with the recoil pad, I couldn’t even feel the recoil from my 30.06. I would highly recommend the Shooters Friend to all hunters. Even my wife can shoot my 30.06 comfortably.�?/p>


“After shooting 30 rounds of 3�?Magnum slugs through my Mossberg 500, I highly recommend this recoil pad to all N.A.H.C. members.�?/p>


“In my freezer at 0 degrees, it was still flexible after 12 hours of exposure.�?/p>



Order one or a dozen - Ground Shipping to the 48 states only $6.10 per order!


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